Introducing Q2 Fabric

Everything to launch a digital brand to profitably grow deposits

Q2 Fabric Layers

Now, any size bank or credit union can launch a differentiated digital brand.

Grow deposits icon


Win new account holders, then quickly engage and deepen relationships with personalized banking products.

Increase Profitability icon

Increase profitability

Improve efficiency with technology and a business model purpose-built for profitability.

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Accelerate innovation

Access an unrivaled fintech partner ecosystem ready to quickly deliver differentiated solutions for targeted groups.

Targeted deposit products for digital-first consumers

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  • High-yield savings account
  • Goal-based savings
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  • No-fee checking account
  • Data-driven personalization
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  • Physical, virtual, and tokenized cards
  • Account-level security controls

Innovation without the pain of rip-and-replace

Q2 Fabric is a sidecar approach that leverages the power of a modern core—plus digital banking platform and fintech partner ecosystem—without the cost, risk, or disruption of full legacy core replacement.

Existing Core—Legacy Capabilities, Fabric—Innovation & New Solutions
Unique, targeted banking products

Differentiate with 100+ products and apps in the Q2 fintech partner ecosystem

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Examples of targeted offerings:

Senior Solutions icon

Senior solutions

ID protection, insurance, estate/trust services

Financial literacy for kids icon

Financial literacy for kids

Goals, education, investing

Gen Z starter kit icon

Gen Z starter kit

Goals, credit building, charitable giving

Financial health icon

Financial health

Debt repayment, credit score, goals, identity protection, insurance

Immigrant/migrant worker & underbanked icon

Immigrant/migrant worker & underbanked

Cross-border payments, credit builder

Savings and investment hub icon

Savings and investment hub

Wealth management

A new, next-level approach from a trusted digital banking partner

Q2 Fabric weaves together its best-in-class digital banking, modern core, plus a 100+-partner-strong fintech ecosystem. It empowers banks and credit unions to launch new digital brands to profitably grow deposits.

Best-in-class digital banking platform

  • One end-to-end digital banking platform
  • Data insights to anticipate needs and deliver personalized products
  • Open-architecture platform to quickly create and distribute new offerings

Helix lightweight cloud core

  • Modern, API-first core with the granularity to design around users
  • Real-time data access for on-demand decisioning and greater control
  • Enhanced security, compliance, and risk management

Q2 Innovation Studio

  • Access to 100+ products and applications from a carefully vetted network of fintechs ready to integrate
  • Niche solutions to extend engagement with targeted groups
  • Large network of distribution partners

In this webinar you’ll learn how you can:

  • Use data to visualize and optimize overall client relationship profitability across deposits and loans
  • Deploy self-service tools to attract and onboard small businesses and help your staff serve them more efficiently
  • Digitize the treasury onboarding process and reduce time-to-value for newly won commercial clients
  • Leverage fintech partnerships to expand your commercial offerings with services like payroll, accounting, spend forecasting, and more
  • Tailor the digital channel to each specific business based on the products and services they use and need

Q2 Fabric is what’s next—for banks, credit unions, and people. If you’re ready to start the shift, sign up to learn about the beta program.