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Planning for RTP® and FedNowSM Services

Are You Ready?

As The Clearing House’s RTP adoption continues to accelerate and with the Federal Reserve’s FedNow Service set to launch in July, financial institutions are getting serious about implementing instant payments to serve their commercial and small business customers.


In this webinar payments industry experts, answered burning questions about what to consider as your FI gets ready for these new payments rails.


The topics we covered:

  • What you should be doing now to prepare your operation
  • What decisions your financial institution will need to make, such as whether you need both rails and whether you should start with receive-only
  • How instant payments impact fraud and risk
  • Use cases to consider for instant payments

In this webinar you’ll learn how you can:

  • Use data to visualize and optimize overall client relationship profitability across deposits and loans
  • Deploy self-service tools to attract and onboard small businesses and help your staff serve them more efficiently
  • Digitize the treasury onboarding process and reduce time-to-value for newly won commercial clients
  • Leverage fintech partnerships to expand your commercial offerings with services like payroll, accounting, spend forecasting, and more
  • Tailor the digital channel to each specific business based on the products and services they use and need
Featured Panelists
Debbie Smart Headshot
Debbie Smart

Senior Product Marketer

Chris Buerkle Headshot
Chris Buerkle

Senior Product Marketer

Keith Gray Headshot
Keith Gray

VP, Sales and Product Development
The Clearing House

Dan Gonzalez Headshot
Dan Gonzalez

VP, Customer Relations
Federal Reserve Financial Services

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