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How Can AI Deliver Real Value for Banking?  

Lessons from Building the First AI Copilot for Bankers

There’s a lot of buzz about AI, and it’s getting harder to separate signal from noise. At Q2, we believe GenAI has the potential to transform our industry. But based on seven years of building Andi—the first AI copilot for banking—we know it must be done the right way to add real value. 
Watch our on-demand Purposeful Banker livestream with host Alex Habet as he chats with Corey Gross and Carl Ryden about the potential (and pitfalls) of AI in banking. 

Topics include:

  • What do GenAI, LLMs, and GPTs really mean for consumers, businesses, and bankers?
  • How can we train new AI tools to function in the complex, highly regulated banking industry?
  • What’s Q2’s vision for AI, both in our product portfolio and in the wider context of financial services?
Featured Panelists
Corey Gross Headshot
Corey Gross

VP and Head of Q2’s AI COE

Carl Ryden Headshot
Carl Ryden

Founder of PrecisionLender

Alex Habet Headshot
Alex Habet

The Purposeful Banker Podcast Host and Senior Solutions Consultant

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