Onboarding in the Digital Age

Rethink Onboarding to Win More Primary Banking Relationships


Digital enables easy, intelligent engagement that’s far more scalable that anything brick-and-mortar ever promised. But this opportunity can’t be stumbled into accidentally. It takes a strategic and comprehensive approach.

In this eBook, we’ll discuss ways to turn fragmented attention spans and consumer inertia into profitable primary banking relationships.

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• the five interconnected pieces of a holistic engagement strategy, from acquisition to long-term profitability

• four core competencies required to bring your digital engagement strategy to life

• ten important questions to ask when evaluating your account opening, onboarding, and engagement solutions and strategies

• how to build relationships that benefit both your FI and your hard-won consumer account holders

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“Half of new checking accounts go inactive in the first 90 days and a majority of account holders cite ‘inertia’ as the main driver for choosing primary FIs.”