Reclaim SMB Owners’ Minds and Market Share

Key takeaways include:

  • Challenges FIs face serving today’s SMB market
  • The urgent need to redefine and reclaim SMB relationships
  • Creative ways to bring the marketplace model to financial services
  • How FIs, SMBs, and fintechs all win in this new paradigm
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Almost half of small business owners say they want their banks to partner with more fintech providers, with an additional 27% saying they feel this way to some degree. The time is NOW for financial institutions to step up and meet this demand; to flip the paradigm and start viewing fintechs as collaborators instead of competitive threats.

In our latest eBook, “Digital Banking for a New Generation of SMB Owners” we detail how to accomplish this and effectively restore your FI as the “go-to” resource for your valued community businesses.

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