on-demand recording  The State of Commercial Banking

January 2024 Market Analysis

12:30 p.m. CT | Thursday, February 8, 2024

Join us as we share key takeaways from the 2024 State of Commercial Banking, our annual report on commercial banking market trends based on data pulled primarily from proprietary Q2 PrecisionLender databases and supplemented with economic data from several public resources and industry research.

Gita Thollesson, Anna-Fay Lohn, and Debbie Smart will discuss what the data shows us about 2023 and the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead in 2024.

Featured Panelists
Gita Thollesson Headshot
Gita Thollesson

Manager, Strategic Advisory Services

Anna-Fay Lohn Headshot
Anna-Fay Lohn

Senior Strategic Business Advisory

Debbie Smart Headshot
Debbie Smart

Senior Product Marketer

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